Privacy Policy

As an ethical business organization and service provider Loans Now does not allow any unscrupulous third party to take advantage of our borrowers.

We intend to protect the privacy of our borrowers through pre-emptive steps. Here is how we collect, preserve and use the information related to our borrowers and visitors.

Application for our cash options can be made through the online application form. We require our borrowers to give us their personal details such as name, bank account information, contact numbers, etc. so that we can arrange suitable loans for them.

These details are sent after being encrypted with SSL technology. This step prevents incidents like data theft and loss.

The information that is collected from our borrowers is safely stored in our database. We have a highly advanced security system that screens the database from unauthorized access. Our IT team works day and night with sophisticated technology to keep hackers at bay. Hence, the borrowers’ data is never available to the unscrupulous third parties.

We do not sell, rent, share or exchange the borrowers’ data to any party for gaining profit for the company. Borrowers’ permission is always taken before disclosing their information to anyone. We work with ethical lenders to whom we require providing certain details of the borrowers from time to time.

We constantly keep updating our services and policies. We access borrowers’ contact details for keeping them informed about these changes.

Our borrowers at Loans Now enjoy highly secure environment for getting high quality cash deals.